Urchin Troubleshooting

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log files don't contain cookie data

no __utm.js in code

combination of Google Analytics and UTM

errors in the __utm.js parameters

Common errors are:
var _udn="auto";

If this is left at the default of auto, then you should leave the "UTM Domain" parameter within Urchin setup blank. If you have specified a domain here, it must match exactly to the "UTM Domain"

var _ugifpath="/__utm.gif";

If utm js and gif files are not placed in the document root of the domain, then you must update the path to the gif file accordingly.

Task Scheduler Errors

Urchin Pending Tasks

Urchin Archived Data Files

Pages not Displaying in Reports

When viewing the reports, and you are not seeing all the expected pages listed, but are see an "Other" record used, this is due to Urchin reaching the database record limit(it is set to 10,000 by default). It is important to note that performance is effected when this is raised, so be sure to keep it within the range of the actual records required. This can be adjusted within Urchin by going to:

Configuration -> Settings -> Process Settings -> Performance Settings -> DB Table Limit 
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